Penny Finder App Reviews

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1st Day

Wow. So. I was skeptical at first and I was hesitant in buying this app. Well. I tried it out, and at my first store, I got about 14 items. I do have one suggestion thought. Someone else mentioned having the list organized into categories. This would be extremely helpful. No one wants to scroll through over 3000 items and the scan and check method can get tiresome. Still. Awesome app.

Waisted my money

The app says 1 to download but charged me over 2 dollars. How and why would you do that? I have not found enough penny items to even pay for this app. I look like a fool scanning stuff in the store for hours. The employees start to stare at you. This app NEVER upgrades. Will ever get any better? Waisted my money.

Don’t do it

I was kicked out of my store because of scanning. I was completely mortified.


This is my new addiction! App is reliable and easy to use. Paid for itself in one shopping trip

Penny Finder app

I love this app. It’s nice to have something to help find great deals! With finances like they are today saving on things is very much helpful!


This is by far the greatest app ever. Thank you for helping families save money and find great deals. The app is user friendly. Great job for keeping it up to date.

Pure excitement

I am a mom of seven and wife of one. This app rocks!! It actually allows me to have a bit of “me” time and going looking for awesome steals. It helps financially as well. App works wonderful and communication among other app users is a huge plus!!

Great app

This is a great app to help save a ton of money on penny finds at Dollar General.


Honestly I didn’t believe my best friend who told me about this. I didn’t believe her. I started doing this and I am so addicted. This app has helped me so much find my goodies. This is awesome!!

Favorite app!

This is by far one of my favorite apps! This app has made shopping so much easier for me! I 100% suggest getting this app to save so much money! Who don’t love a good penny hunt?!

Love this app!!

I love this app! It saves tons of time and guess work.

Penny Finder App Review

I don't purchase many apps, but I figured this one was worth a try. It only took one penny find to pay for itself. While I'm not an avid penny shopper, it's nice to confirm a possible penny item BEFORE I check out. It's really a cool app that I wouldn't want to penny shop without. Anyone who plans to invest the time in penny shopping should invest in the app--small price, big payoff. Highly recommend.

Penny Finder

I love this app! It’s very easy to navigate! And very fun to use too!! I check it everyday!

Penny finder is awesome and worth the $1.99

This app is awesome. It’s so exciting when you find an item for a penny. I like that I can scan the item and the app lets me know if it’s a penny item. I haven’t had the app for long but have already gotten a few penny items! It’s definitely worth the $1.99!!!

Worth Every Penny!!!

This is the ONLY penny app that has saved me and my family hundreds!!! It is super easy to use when in store with the scanner provided in app! There are also pictures of the item just match the barcode that is also provided! Some stores do not have service so make sure you REFRESH before entering. Out of the 15 stores I shop at there is only one store that does not have service!!! This is absolutely worth purchasing!!!

Love It

Even though I haven’t found a lot of penny items I still love it,I’m always looking to see what people post and wishing I could find all the awesome stuff everyone finds thanks

Very well worth it!!

Very well worth the money! Easy to navigate and very user friendly! The 1.99 fee doesn’t touch the savings you’ll get! Use it once and you’ll get your money’s worth!!! The only issue I’ve came across is I switched from android to apple and the refreshing is a bit slow but could be the phone not the app. Great work to the developer!! ☺️


Never knew about all the things you could buy for a penny and this app makes it so simple!! Well worth the 2 dollars!

Penny Finder

Love this app. It helps me find products that you would usually find at full price for just pennies. Help save me money especially when you have 2 kids in college and 1 in high school.

Penny Finder is Amazing!

I downloaded this app not knowing exactly what it was for, but within a few days I was already finding things for 1 cent! This app has definitely paid for itself 100x over based on all of the items I have found using this app.

Amazing App!!

Once I downloaded it, I watched the videos and got the hang of the app pretty well. Following the FB page helped a lot too now I pretty much know it all! I’ve used the app and have found, so far 12 pennies!

Love this app!!!

I 100% recommend!! I have found a total of 121 penny items that’s $1.21 that I paid, it’s soooo worth buying this app I’m addicted to it!

I phone 6 user

Cons: You Have to post comment etc everything on Facebook, I don’t use Facebook. I think the app should be used more than to just scan! Android version is better than iPhone version New items are not in app Ymmv are deleted from app Must have and use Facebook I really hate that this app always reverts to Facebook contact us on fb message us on fb fb fb fb Customers do 97% of the work Pros: has scanner Easy to use Find lots of penny items Few tips Don’t penny shop @ your couponing dg (I learned the hard way) Don’t rely solely on this app


I have fun scanning items posted to this app!! Recently got a big haul with toothpaste and mouthwash! Love it!

Love this app!

Well worth the one time payment spent! I find so many great finds! Thank you so much!

Def worth it

I waited a while to actually purchase this app. Just followed the groups in hope to find pennies... once I decided to buy the app it made things so much easier ! I could verify that what I was seeing in the group matched in the app with the scanner and I was able to successfully find pennies !


The app is absolutely amazing and I’m so grateful to have found it!

Having a blast!!

I just started penny shopping, this app has been awesome! My daughter and I are having so much fun spending time together and hunting penny bargains! It's such a blessing to be able to share with those who need it. We give and donate as well as saving for our own houses. Love Penny Finder!

Best app!!

Love this app works great and it is so much fun. Best couple of bucks i have ever spent!!

Penny finder

This app is so useful when I go hunting for penny items. It’s a great app.

❤️penny finder

Downloaded the app....for$1.99 omg I don’t like paying for apps. However, I went to the dollar general about an hour later and made my money back found 32 items for a total of $0.32❤️❤️love this app!! It’s made my money back and some!!!!

My lucky Penny ❤️

I was so overwhelmed by fb groups and the millions of comments that I just gave up. Until I seen a comment about Penny finder. This has helped me tremendously and saved me lots of time that I need for my children. I use to leave pennies on the ground when I seen them. Not any more. This is the best app that I own.

Love it!!

I have never paid for an app .... I love the concept of penny shopping and I have found hundreds and hundreds of pennies!! It’s so easy my 6 and 9 year old grand babies use it!! #lovemypennyfinder!!!

Love this app

Works great.

Awesome resource!

I was a bit skeptical, but it turns out that any trepidation I had was unfounded... this app is great! It’s really helped me get in the penny finding game, and it’s so exciting when you find something and the phone buzzes and that green box pops up! I’ve even added a few penny items already. Only one suggestion... instead of deleting ymmv pennies, how about leaving them in the app? You can see how many people verified that they got it for a penny and how many people flagged the item. It might be valuable to know the item might be a penny for you, and could open up a whole new world of hunting!

Best money I’ve spent on a app

The app is reasonable priced and easy to use. It’s saved me tons of money. Love it!

Penny finder!!! TREASURE HUNTS! 😃

So excited about this app and recently learned how to open it up and ✍🏻 SCAN!!! I can honestly say I’m scan crazy!!!! Everything touches my hands I scan !!! Soon I will be a Queen to penny finding!!!’😱😱 1.99. Hoping to get that back with the first penny item I find .....

I love this app!

Super user friendly. I haven’t been penny shopping long and with this app i literally don’t leave even the cleanest store without at least one penny item. Pennies for life!!!

Family Fun!

This app is incredible and worth its weight in gold! My kids can use it with ease! Since becoming disabled and having 3 kids we try to have fun and reward them when we can. Now our activity is penny shopping! I put the app on my phone and an extra phone we had for my kids to shop with! I even got my mom to get the app and now she goes with us! It’s fun for the whole family! We also give away a lot of the items we get so it’s also a great way to teach my kids charity! We truly love it!!! P.S. We love that it vibrates when you find a match! Makes it that much more exciting!!!

Best Penny Shopping Resource Available

This is by far the best penny shopping resource available. It is newbie friendly. Using the app removes a lot of the trial and error with penny shopping at Dollar General. The scanning feature within the app saves so much time when in store. The penny list Is compromised of penny finds submitted by users. The app developers are very active and diligently monitor the database to keep it as accurate as possible. I have recommended this app to so many of my penny shopping friends and we all agree it is well worth the cost.

Very real!!

At first I thought this wasn’t real because I couldn’t find anything my first visit. I tried again when a new penny list posted and I found many items! Literally these items were just a penny and no tax! I had no problem completing the purchase


Love love this app! It helps me in more ways than I can list for missions! I love to repurpose and make the penny items stretch to help many people!! It is a treasure hunt to bless others! Thank you for the developers and to DG!!

Great app

Love the app makes it so easy to find items!!


I bought this app about a month ago, and it has helped me find over 100 penny items!! It is very user friendly (super easy to utilize)! I love seeing everyone’s penny hauls on the haul wall! I love that we can scan an item to see if it is a penny, and I love that you can type in a brand or product name to quickly find what you are searching for! Definitely worth the money spent! I have made that back in pennies!!

Penny shoppers R Us

I absolutely love this app! It makes the shopping experience soooo easy now! For serious penny shoppers, it has made it so easy for us now! ONLY thing I WISH it was able to tell us the price on something! Then it would be the perfect app and perfect shopping trips!

Must buy

This app is a must buy and will definitely be worth your money, this app is so helpful and runs so smooth! I’ve never had any issues and I recommend it

Penny Finder

My most useful app I have EVER had!


I absolutely love this app! It is very easy to navigate and very helpful with finding penny items. Thanks to this app I have been a penny finding machine for the past 3 months. Wish I would have known about this app sooner but I’m so glad to have it now.

Good App!

There is a learning curve to the penny finder app, but it doesn’t take long to get the hang of it. Once you get used to it, it’s easy to use and such a cool app! I love that there is a wall to post about items, and you can comment and interact with other penny shoppers. There are only a couple things I feel need improvement. When searching for items on the app, they can sometimes be difficult to find because they’re listed under an unusual name or misspelled. Also, it may be more helpful if the size/weight/quantity of the item were listed if applicable. For example, dog treats, candy, feminine products, etc—sometimes the size/weight/quantity is not visible in the photo. I feel that this would make it easier for shoppers to know exactly what they’re looking for. Nevertheless, this is a brilliant and awesome app! Penny shopping can be challenging, but so much fun!

Love this app!!!

I downloaded this app about 6 weeks ago and after my first trip to the store it more than paid for itself. I would and have recommend this app. My friend downloaded it and loves it just as much as I do. Well worth the money and it's a fun "sport" lol

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